Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tawny Coster (Acraea violae)

Offlate, I seem to have some luck with Tawny Costers. (Acraea violae) They pose for me quite well, and the lighting seems to be delightful each time too.
Came across the pupa of a Tawny Coster in Kumaran Public School. Sketched and photographed it.
Later this month, came across a mating pair of them in Bangalore University campus. A very fresh individual also happened to pose for me. Sharing the images, will put up the sketch soon as I scan.


  1. Your butterfly is gorgeous as is your DoF. I spend a lot of time playing with DoF but never seem to do much with them afterwards. The tone set on butterfly is very well and the composition is mind blowing. Apart from posing did they sing for you while u take pictures ? I believe they did. What's more, I was listening to "Walking after you" by Foo Fighters at the moment of finding your blog post.

    Well done..Looking forward for the sketches.

    1. Well the DoF also depends on the kind of light, right? Otherwise we have to increase the ISO which will hamper the image quality. Good light allows you to go for higher aperture numbers (smaller aperture). To get the complete butterfly in sharp focus, I use 8 - 16. With a some nice green bushes in the background (at a distance of a few metres) and good focal length, these kind of images are possible easily. :)

      Thanks, and happy butterflying! :)