Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Butterflying day, back at school!

Had been a long time since I'd met my old school pals... I mean, the Baronets, the Common Jays, the Crimson roses and many more amazing friends I'd made during my last year in school. I was missing them a whole lot now that I'm in college. So I decided to give my friends a brief visit.

A sunny, almost cloudless day. Blue skies. Perfect. The day began with a few Grass Yellows and Mormons.... met all those I was familiar with. Then later, caught up with a Common Nawab, who was very busy shooing away other butterflies in his territory. Struggled to capture a glimpse of him, was very close to hurting myself as well.

Common Nawabs are very territorial, and the chase away any other butterfly that enters one's territory. No wonder its called "Nawab" ... It wants to reign supreme! But one thing is for sure, he was the king of my attention that day! I did everything I can to make an image that would do some small amount of justice to its beauty. And this is all I got...

After I was done with meeting my winged friends, just hung around the school and had a great time. My lovely school and its lovely campus!

1 comment:

  1. The image does do some justice even though the Nawab did not not co-operate by turning his head for you to make it perfect. :)
    Nice pattern on this one.. Lets see if I can identify it in the field..