Friday, May 28, 2010

Butterfly watching at Mekedaatu

This was long overdue... I could somehow not put this up as soon as I came back from Mekedaatu. Its a brilliant place for butterflying and butterfly photography, provided you have three tons of patience with you (along with three tons spare). You should be willing enough to get sunburnt (like me LOL). And of course, in such a place, at the right time of the year, the excitement of seeing so many new butterflies will automatically make you forget hunger. :D Here's the landscape of Kaveri river from Mekedaatu:

Some of the pictures I clicked at Mekedaatu on May 6th and 7th 2010:

SMALL CUPID Chilades parrhasius:

INDIAN SKIPPER Spialia galba:

DANAID EGGFLY Hypolimnas misippus :


(FEMALE, Plain tiger mimic)

LIME BLUE Chilades laius:

GRAM BLUE Euchrysops cnejus:

CRIMSON TIP Colotis danae:


BLUE PANSY Junonia orithya:

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  1. Brilliant stuff, been posting some butterfly photographs - have a look ...